We believe that clean-energy transformation starts on-site, and will come from a reinvention of energy management, generation and financing at every facility and in every business portfolio.

Aden Energies exists to accelerate this change, on the principle of “3D”: Digitalize. Decentralize. Decarbonize.

We serve the Asian market with a flexible model offering energy as a service and strategic partnership on ESG, O&M and facility performance. We are powered in our mission by long experience in the Asian and European markets; deep regional networks; an award-winning energy platform; and financial and operational resources of our parent company, Aden Group.

Group ecosystem

Aden Energies is the on-site energy business arm of Aden Group, which operates today in 26 countries for 1,500 clients. Aden’s portfolio is designed for end-to-end optimization of client facilities and portfolios, supporting them on the full journey to net-zero emissions.

Akila is an award-winning digital twin platform for accelerating ESG and optimization of the built environment from BIM-based design through AIoT powered operations. Aden Energies uses Akila as its core energy optimization and management tool, with dedicated suites and modules for energy, asset maintenance, solar/PV, EV charge station management and more.

Aden Services is the facilities management and technical asset management arm of Aden Group. With +25 years’ experience managing facilities in China, Vietnam, Indonesia and other markets, Aden provides considerable expertise and operational resources in support of our mission to optimize on-site energy, and many client facilities enjoy joint Energies-Services contracts.

PointZero is a fund supporting client investment in large offsite renewable energy projects in Asia. PointZero helps clients take their portfolio’s final steps to net-zero, in harmony with their Phase 1 (data transparency and optimization) and Phase 2 (onsite energy retrofit and microgrid).

NXpark by Aden develops and operates sustainable industrial real estate for the Asian market. NXpark designs, builds and manages turn-key industrial parks with facilities that are fully digitalized and ready to achieve net-zero through clean energy infrastructure designed and managed by Aden Energies.

Management team

Aden能源总经理, 白啸风

Fulvio Bartolucci

General Manager

Aden能源战略&业务发展总监, 梁宇

Leo Liang

Strategy & Business Development Director

Isadora Dong

Director of Finance

Aden能源能效管理总监, 苏珣

Jason Su

Head of Energy Efficiency

Strategic Partners

Tera Energies

Leveraging global networks, experience and expertise

Aden Energies also leverages its close collaborative relationship with Tera Energies, a joint venture between Aden Group and Eren, one of Europe’s most advanced clean energy and renewables players. Learn more about Tera Energies.