July 6, 2023

Aden Energies completes Autoliv’s Phase II microgrid for 2M kWh per year


SHANGHAI, China, Jul. 6, 2023 – Today, Aden Energies, the energy division of Aden Group, announces the successful completion of Phase II of its ongoing solar panel microgrid project at Autoliv China’s production plant in Nantong, Jiangsu. Completing this phase, Aden Energies has effectively doubled the clean-energy output and decarbonization of the site, while only installing an additional 30% of solar panels on the site’s rooftop. This achievement demonstrates the effectiveness of Aden Energies’ project and operational expertise, as well as the capability of its digital platform to track and optimize energy consumption from microgrids and throughout the facility.

Aden Energies will now continue its work with Autoliv for the coming 25 years, serving as Autoliv Nantong’s O&M and energy-efficiency partner.

In Phase II, an additional 918 solar panels were installed, bringing the total to 3,518 rooftop panels. The total installed capacity is now 1.9MW, and the solar installation is projected to generate 2 million kWh of clean energy annually, equivalent to 600 tons of coal not burned each year. Over the full length of the contract, Autoliv and Aden Energies project that 38,000 tons of carbon emissions will be eliminated, which would otherwise have been created through normal facility operations.

Phase II of the project underlines the capabilities of Aden Energies as a leading service provider in energy efficiency management, decentralized energy infrastructure, and digital-twin based energy optimization. The entire process – from production, distribution to optimization of energy – is managed by Aden Energies, leveraging its advanced digital twin platform Akila and its specialized software for tracking and optimization of overall site energy, solar/PV microgrids and ESG reporting.

Fulvio Bartolucci, General Manager of Aden Energies, said, “Every facility, especially those in the industrial sector, has the potential – and indeed the urgent need – to harness renewables, micro-grids, and data technology to achieve net-zero emissions on the fastest possible trajectory. Aden Energies is proud to provide an all-in-one offer combining finance, expertise, digitalization, and operations & maintenance. We are the long-term partner for the site and its sustainability.”

Project key figures to date include:

  • 3,518 solar panels installed
  • 1.9 MW installed capacity
  • 2 million kWh of clean energy produced per year
  • 1,520 tons of CO2 emissions avoided each year
  •  38,000 tons of carbon projected to be cut over the coming years
  • 600 tons of coal not burned each year
  • 15,000 tons of coal not burned over the project lifetime

With the completion of Phase II, Aden Energies is taking further strides towards assisting companies like Autoliv in their journey towards net-zero facilities, and to demonstrating the central role of individual facilities and building portfolios in achieving climate and decarbonization targets.