Tap into a resource right under your feet. Aden Energies’ low-carbon geothermal systems can be easily installed on any site below ground and can extract and store heat—even through winter. Aden Energies partners with Accenta, one of EREN Industries’ subsidiary to install new or optimize existing geothermal systems using their AI software to predict cooling and heating needs and automate storage for inter-seasonal access.

When paired with other renewables or optimization services from Aden Energies, this technology can reduce carbon footprints by around 80% or more for a building’s heating and cooling installations.


Your clean energy transformation starts now. If you have a facility, you have the potential for cleaner and more efficient energy, and the opportunity to develop renewable energy infrastructure. At Aden Energies, we work with clients in all sectors to finance, install, maintain, and optimize facility energy. Take control of your energy future and contact us today.

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