July 12, 2023

Aden Energies will co- launch PointZero offsite additionality fund


On the occasion of National Low Carbon Day, Aden Energies is excited to formally announce the creation of PointZero, a new fund it is launching in coordination with parent company Aden Group and various industrial partners whose investment in offsite renewables will be facilitated through the PointZero fund and its network.

PointZero is designed to help corporate clients in Asia maximize their decarbonization and ESG roadmaps by facilitating and executing large-scale offsite renewable energy projects, This will allow clients to make sizeable contributions to carbon reduction above and beyond the scope of clean energy and micro-grid projects they are already conducting onsite at their facilities.

PointZero will serve as a major accelerator for MNCs operating in the Asian market, especially China as it moves to develop its ETS. PointZero will be a critical bridge between clients, SOEs and local governments in bringing offsite projects to financial closure and full operational status. PointZero will share its primary leadership with Aden Energies, a proven leader in B2B turn-key renewable energy solutions, whose client base includes AB InBev, Johnson Controls, Autoliv and Honeywell.

PointZero is already developing projects at several locations and expects to make its first project announcement in Q3 of 2023. In its business model, PointZero, in conjunction with Aden Energies, will serve as general partner (GP), securing necessary financing and project resources, and leveraging its extensive experience in renewable energy and public-private joint ventures with regional governments and organizations.

PointZero offers clients in Asia a number of benefits. Among these:

  • Additionality: Generation of additional renewable energy to the local power grid in volume equal to or higher than client portfolio plan
  • Carbon reduction in advance of ETS: Measurable carbon reduction at scale, which can also become Carbon Offsets in the fast-evolving ETS market.
  • Streamlined financing and project oversight in a competitive market: PointZero leverages an extensive experience and regional network, and is uniquely positioned as a bridge between international business, regional governments and energy authorities in Asia.

PointZero’s first market will be China, where the ETS market was launched in 2021, and where the need for offsite solutions is particularly acute due to a nation-wide commitment to reach peak carbon by 2030 and net-zero by 2060. PointZero will operate its projects in partnership with the top tier players of renewable energy in China in order to ensure that all projects generate value for the fund and for society and environment over the long term. This will meet the varied energy demands of the country, from renewable-energy electrification in the west to decarbonization in the heavily developed northeast and eastern seaboards.

Beyond the China market, PointZero will also explore opportunities where Aden Group is an leading industry player, including Vietnam and Indonesia, and in economic hubs where Aden Group has headquarters or dedicated regional desks, including Singapore, Korea and Japan.

About the launch, Aden Group President and Founder Joachim Poylo commented: “For many years now, we have anticipated the need for a holistic energy offer that could accompany clients along the entire journey to net-zero. With Akila digital twin platform, we established the infrastructure for their Phase One – data transparency on their existing energy ongoing data-based optimization. With Aden Energies, we met Phase Two – financial and operational tools to build new micro-grid and clean-energy infrastructure on-site. Now with PointZero, we are facilitating ‘the last mile’ of the journey, Phase Three, in which private groups can become active contributors of clean energy to the regional grid. It is an exciting time to be in energy and decarbonization, and we look forward to seeing our clients’ ambitions realized in terms of net-zero road map and competitivity in what will be a very vital ETS market.”