Depending on the local wind conditions, Aden Energies can install wind turbines on your site to benefit from wind power’s unique capabilities, operating day and night and across the seasons. All you need is 400 sq. m of free space for construction and even less when operational. Our experts will help you understand where and how you could install wind turbines at your site, with all environmental, health and safety parameters in mind. Following a wind resource assessment, Aden Energies will develop, design, finance, build own and operate the wind turbines, for you.

You will see a real drop in your energy spending and cut tens of thousands of tons of CO2.



Wherever the sun shines, there is energy. And today, solar power has never been more accessible, efficient and cheap. Whether it’s on a rooftop or open land at your site, if you have unused and sunny space, you have room for solar panels.

Aden Energies knows the market in and out. We install the most effective panels with an expert eye, making sure your site generates the most electricity per hour of sunlight. We will design, finance, build, own and operate the solar facility, and let you enjoy the savings with full peace of mind.


Your clean energy transformation starts now. If you have a facility, you have the potential for cleaner and more efficient energy, and the opportunity to develop renewable energy infrastructure. At Aden Energies, we work with clients in all sectors to finance, install, maintain, and optimize facility energy. Take control of your energy future and contact us today.

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